Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Update

2011 has brought changes to our household! In February we made the cross country drive to our new home on the east coast, leaving the west coast was bittersweet. During the four years we spent in California we bought a house, found a great Church and made many wonderful friends. That is probably one of the hardest parts of the military, having to say goodbye to friends every few years. We weathered two deployments and in our last year there my dh was licensed and ordained to preach which is our goal after retirement. Middle Sis was baptized and Little Bro started school. We stored up many memories while we were there and made several lifelong friends.

Our trek east was an adventurous one! We stopped in AZ to spend some time with my sister (and her now-fiance!) and we should have paid more attention to the cold weather moving in! From AZ to TX we had snow and lots of it! We followed a winter storm all the way and this made for a long...slow...nerve wracking journey. We stopped in TX to visit with the B family again (yay!) and the kids had a blast sliding down the ice and snow covered driveway (we did not enjoy carrying the luggage UP the same driveway) and we even got to stay a few extra days because of the weather. We had another great visit with them and look forward to having them come enjoy our warm beach weather.

The end of February found the kids and I staying in KY and dh in NC while we waited for housing. This gave us a chance to spend lots of time with grandparents and cousins, something we didn't get often while in CA. We also found a great church while we were there

Yay, we got a house! The beginning of April the kids and I arrived in NC...just in time for a freak tornado storm! We were blessed to not have any damage but others close were not so lucky. We did have the opportunity to see old friends though as we helped serve meals at our old Church to people who had lost their homes and workers helping to clean up the mountains of debris.

In May dh and I flew out to Mount Hermon to share with families what Mount Hermon has done for us. It was a great opportunity to visit there again, meet lots of great new people and have a get-a-way for the two of us. Dh did a great job as the Saturday night speaker and hopefully will get the chance to return in that capacity again!

July is now sneaking up on us and it's hard to believe we have been here almost three months. We are settling in nicely and busy with summer activities and waiting to start up with our new homeschool groups in the fall. We found another great Church and we are jumping in feet first, excited to see what God has planned for us here in North Carolina! The door is always open for visitors...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Preschoolers - 1 Me - 0

Yesterday marked day two of VBS. It rained. Why does this matter you ask? Well, because rain = no outside play time. With older kids this isn't a big deal, but put 14 preschoolers in a room for four hours and this is a recipe for disaster! Don't get me wrong we have a great bunch of kids, and it's a blessing to work with them, but last night was HARD. Preschoolers have a very limited attention span, maybe 15 minutes, so they kept us on our toes! Last night involved alot of glue, paint and sparkling jewels. Speaking of jewels...half way through the first craft project I stepped in the bead bucket. Which I set on the floor. And they spilled. All of them. Wow! the kids say as they rush to help me pick them up while at the same time spreading them into an even bigger mess :) relax I tell my self. They are helping. I wonder what tonight holds...