Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tornados...earthquakes...hurricanes...oh my!

We have been in North Carolina for a little over four months. A week after we moved here there was a freak tornado that caused lots of damage both on base and off. Last week there was an earthquake. In Virginia. And we shook here. And just so no one feels left out, we have a hurricane coming this weekend! Seriously!? S has been registered for the Red Cross babysitter course for two months and has been counting the days, she is so excited! It was supposed to take place on Saturday. This Saturday. As in, the day the hurricane is coming. Soooo I got a call telling me that they are rescheduling it for September 17th. We have soccer games every weekend starting Sept 10th. This does not make for a happy mama or happy children and is seriously messing up my schedule!

On a happy note yesterday when I checked my mail I got this:

Those are my free tickets to Women of Faith! Woohoo! I am so super excited to go again....if you have never been to a Women of Faith event I highly recommend it. There is just something amazing about sitting with thousands of other women for two days focusing on God, I'm counting the days!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trying something new..

We are constantly trying to find something that works for our family in regards to chores. I am a firm believer that there are things that each child should do just because they are a member of the household. I also think that they should learn early to work and save if there is something they want (I could probably do better with this too) I think I have found the solution! I found a great idea while browsing through pinterest, you can read the details here .
Here is how it is going to work for us:
The kids each have these set things that they must do each day:
  1. Make bed
  2. Pick up room
  3. Morning routine (dressed, hair, teeth, etc.)
  4. School
  5. Daily Chores
  • They each randomly choose two which are theirs for the week. Ours include various pet chores, dishes and trash.

As long as each of these things are done they have the option of choosing from the chore jar. They can randomly choose up to three sticks per day and they earn 25 cents for each one they complete. The completed ones are held out until the following week to prevent the same chore being done every day :) The three that are bundled with the ribbons are worth a dollar and bundled such as downstairs bathroom completely cleaned. Each stick has very specific job on it such as clean the toilet but all jobs in the bundle must be completed together.

This teaches the kids that they have the responsiblity to do things just because they are a member of the family and also puts the responsibility of working for things they want on them. If we are at Target at there is a fabulous somethingorother that they want...they have the OPTION of saving the money for it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's been busy....

Which is why I have posted for a few days, as and I look at my calendar it's not going to slow down anytime soon! In the next few months the girls and I are traveling to California for my sisters wedding, I have a blog opportunity at Women of Faith Charlotte, The USMC Birthday Ball...which brings us right up to Thanksgiving...then Christmas..then wow it's 2012! Where did the year go? Then there are all the things in between. My plan is to sit down this week and do my calendar so I can make sure we aren't over committed to too many things. I don't know how some people manage to have their kids in this activity and that activity...we need down time so the kids do one sport per season (this fall we are doing soccer) as well as whatever activities we do with Church and a homeschool group outing or get together here and there. That's what works for us. I for one am counting the days until public school starts so all the other kids go, lol!