Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tornados...earthquakes...hurricanes...oh my!

We have been in North Carolina for a little over four months. A week after we moved here there was a freak tornado that caused lots of damage both on base and off. Last week there was an earthquake. In Virginia. And we shook here. And just so no one feels left out, we have a hurricane coming this weekend! Seriously!? S has been registered for the Red Cross babysitter course for two months and has been counting the days, she is so excited! It was supposed to take place on Saturday. This Saturday. As in, the day the hurricane is coming. Soooo I got a call telling me that they are rescheduling it for September 17th. We have soccer games every weekend starting Sept 10th. This does not make for a happy mama or happy children and is seriously messing up my schedule!

On a happy note yesterday when I checked my mail I got this:

Those are my free tickets to Women of Faith! Woohoo! I am so super excited to go again....if you have never been to a Women of Faith event I highly recommend it. There is just something amazing about sitting with thousands of other women for two days focusing on God, I'm counting the days!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trying something new..

We are constantly trying to find something that works for our family in regards to chores. I am a firm believer that there are things that each child should do just because they are a member of the household. I also think that they should learn early to work and save if there is something they want (I could probably do better with this too) I think I have found the solution! I found a great idea while browsing through pinterest, you can read the details here .
Here is how it is going to work for us:
The kids each have these set things that they must do each day:
  1. Make bed
  2. Pick up room
  3. Morning routine (dressed, hair, teeth, etc.)
  4. School
  5. Daily Chores
  • They each randomly choose two which are theirs for the week. Ours include various pet chores, dishes and trash.

As long as each of these things are done they have the option of choosing from the chore jar. They can randomly choose up to three sticks per day and they earn 25 cents for each one they complete. The completed ones are held out until the following week to prevent the same chore being done every day :) The three that are bundled with the ribbons are worth a dollar and bundled such as downstairs bathroom completely cleaned. Each stick has very specific job on it such as clean the toilet but all jobs in the bundle must be completed together.

This teaches the kids that they have the responsiblity to do things just because they are a member of the family and also puts the responsibility of working for things they want on them. If we are at Target at there is a fabulous somethingorother that they want...they have the OPTION of saving the money for it!

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's been busy....

Which is why I have posted for a few days, as and I look at my calendar it's not going to slow down anytime soon! In the next few months the girls and I are traveling to California for my sisters wedding, I have a blog opportunity at Women of Faith Charlotte, The USMC Birthday Ball...which brings us right up to Thanksgiving...then Christmas..then wow it's 2012! Where did the year go? Then there are all the things in between. My plan is to sit down this week and do my calendar so I can make sure we aren't over committed to too many things. I don't know how some people manage to have their kids in this activity and that activity...we need down time so the kids do one sport per season (this fall we are doing soccer) as well as whatever activities we do with Church and a homeschool group outing or get together here and there. That's what works for us. I for one am counting the days until public school starts so all the other kids go, lol!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Love and Travel

I am so happy and excited for my sister...she is getting married AND having a baby :) So I'm totally planning the revenge...the noisy, messy toys I will buy for her child. I'm sad that we live so far away, I will miss so much. Her fiance is awesome, she deserves it. She has kissed a few frogs, as most of us did before finding prince charming. He fits great into our family like he has always been's awesome how God works that out. We will be traveling cross country (again...for the 4th time in a year) in a few months for the wedding. The kids are excited because it's the first wedding they will be in. Me? I'm trying to figure out how to lose a few (ok, a LOT!) pounds in a short time. Wedding pictures add ten pounds don't you know? Fun.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

37 Birthdays

In honor of my 37th birthday today I am posting 37 great memories :)
  1. The day I was baptized
  2. The day I met Charlie
  3. The day I became a big sister
  4. The day I got married
  5. The birth of my children
  6. Attending the births of my friends children :)
  7. Deciding to homeschool
  8. Moving to Japan
  9. Koza Baptist Church
  10. Deployment reunions
  11. Coffee with my 29 girls
  12. Crazy Starbucks nights in Okinawa
  13. Tuesday nights with Melissa :)
  14. Thursday morning Bible Study with Women By Grace
  15. Buying our first home
  16. Monday night Bible Study
  17. Anniversary trip to San Francisco
  18. Disneyland Trip
  19. Meeting our friends Chuck and Marilyn and the lake....and Texas....
  20. Too many great friends to count
  21. Savannah's baptism
  22. McKenna's baptism
  23. When each of my children learned to read
  24. Snorkeling for the first time
  25. Spending the night with my grandma Jessie when I was a little girl
  26. Vacation to Virginia
  27. Scrapbook Convention in Las Vegas
  28. Women of Faith in Sacramento
  29. Leading a friend to Christ
  30. Seeing old friends after years apart
  31. Honeymoon in the Smokies
  32. Cruise to the Bahamas
  33. Koza deacon wives scavenger hunt
  34. Our surprise dinner at Yoshi's with the Clarks and the Bensons
  35. Hawaii
  36. Disneyworld
  37. Camping with our friends in Joshua Tree National Park

God has given me so many memories in so many places with such great friends! I can't wait to see whats in store for the next year!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Women of Faith 2011

I am beyond excited! Thanks to Book Sneeze and Women of Faith I will be attending the Imagine event in Charlotte Free! I will be keeping you up to date with pictures and posts throughout the event. Speakers include Shelia Walsh and Luci Swindoll, music by Mary Mary and Natalie Grant and even an appearance by Karen Kingsbury (one of my favorite authors!)
This is the second Women of Faith event for me, I attended Grand New Day 2009 in Sacramento. There is nothing like worshipping the Father with thousands of other women, it's definately an experience to remember! Here are a few pictures from Sacramento:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Children should be seen and not heard?

Have you ever been in a public place and there is THAT parent with THAT child that just will not stop screaming? Been on a coast to coast flight and YOU get the seat next to THAT CHILD? Been at restaurant for a romantic dinner and YOU get the table next to THAT CHILD? Well do I have some news for you!

Hungry? Try The Olde Salty Restaurant in Carolina Beach, N.C.! They recently placed this sign in their window. Reviews have been mixed with some patrons saying it's a great idea (I'm guessing they have no children...or fall in the "senior" category).

Or maybe you’re in Pennsylvania? McDain's Restaurant of Monroeville, PA has had it with noisy kids. In an email sent to customers, owner Mike Vuick wrote, "Beginning July 16, 2011, McDain's Restaurant will no longer admit children under six years of age…”

Flying internationally? Kick out that extra money and fly Malaysia Airlines first class…. Babies will no longer be allowed to travel in the first-class cabins of Malaysia Airlines flights. The ban, which will affect flights from Kuala Kumpur to London, Amsterdam and Sydney, is thought to be the first such imposed by an airline.
In February, airlines including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic also said they were considering creating children-free flights.
I noticed a trend this week while watching the news and I thought for sure these were isolated cases….then I hit up Google.
It seems to me that we are headed back to the times when children should be seen and not heard.
Not sure where I stand on this issue. At first I was shocked, mad, etc. but not sure at who. Maybe I should be mad at the parents who have autistic children and just can’t make them be quiet while I eat. Or maybe I should be irritated by that single mom on the flight with a screaming baby who is so exhausted because her baby has colic and her husband is deployed so she is flying out to be with her family for help? Or maybe it’s that young couple who couldn’t afford both a sitter and a nice dinner so baby came along?
You see my point. Oh, believe me, I have been in a restaurant where there is a screaming child and the parents sit completely unaware that you want to hurl a glass at their heads. And I’m sure I have been the one of the receiving end of that glass a time or two.
Yes, there are times when it’s just parents who don’t discipline their kids and just don’t understand why everyone in the restaurant is staring at them. But stop and think, instead of telling these children they aren’t welcome, step up to the plate. Ask that mom on the plane if she needs a break…..tell the parents who look terrified that their child is currently throwing mashed potatoes at the next table….”I have been there too” and smile.
My point is you don’t know where some has walked unless you walked in their shoes. Instead of getting mad because someone is intruding on “your” time remember it’s not all about you, really.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things I am thankful for this month....

1. My husband is spending this 4th of July with us
2. We found a great Church family
3. We have a roof over our head
4. Great Friends
5. A Godly husband
6. Having the ability to homeschool our children
7. Family movie night
8. Rain
9. Quiet mornings
10. Coffee :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Update

2011 has brought changes to our household! In February we made the cross country drive to our new home on the east coast, leaving the west coast was bittersweet. During the four years we spent in California we bought a house, found a great Church and made many wonderful friends. That is probably one of the hardest parts of the military, having to say goodbye to friends every few years. We weathered two deployments and in our last year there my dh was licensed and ordained to preach which is our goal after retirement. Middle Sis was baptized and Little Bro started school. We stored up many memories while we were there and made several lifelong friends.

Our trek east was an adventurous one! We stopped in AZ to spend some time with my sister (and her now-fiance!) and we should have paid more attention to the cold weather moving in! From AZ to TX we had snow and lots of it! We followed a winter storm all the way and this made for a long...slow...nerve wracking journey. We stopped in TX to visit with the B family again (yay!) and the kids had a blast sliding down the ice and snow covered driveway (we did not enjoy carrying the luggage UP the same driveway) and we even got to stay a few extra days because of the weather. We had another great visit with them and look forward to having them come enjoy our warm beach weather.

The end of February found the kids and I staying in KY and dh in NC while we waited for housing. This gave us a chance to spend lots of time with grandparents and cousins, something we didn't get often while in CA. We also found a great church while we were there

Yay, we got a house! The beginning of April the kids and I arrived in NC...just in time for a freak tornado storm! We were blessed to not have any damage but others close were not so lucky. We did have the opportunity to see old friends though as we helped serve meals at our old Church to people who had lost their homes and workers helping to clean up the mountains of debris.

In May dh and I flew out to Mount Hermon to share with families what Mount Hermon has done for us. It was a great opportunity to visit there again, meet lots of great new people and have a get-a-way for the two of us. Dh did a great job as the Saturday night speaker and hopefully will get the chance to return in that capacity again!

July is now sneaking up on us and it's hard to believe we have been here almost three months. We are settling in nicely and busy with summer activities and waiting to start up with our new homeschool groups in the fall. We found another great Church and we are jumping in feet first, excited to see what God has planned for us here in North Carolina! The door is always open for visitors...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Preschoolers - 1 Me - 0

Yesterday marked day two of VBS. It rained. Why does this matter you ask? Well, because rain = no outside play time. With older kids this isn't a big deal, but put 14 preschoolers in a room for four hours and this is a recipe for disaster! Don't get me wrong we have a great bunch of kids, and it's a blessing to work with them, but last night was HARD. Preschoolers have a very limited attention span, maybe 15 minutes, so they kept us on our toes! Last night involved alot of glue, paint and sparkling jewels. Speaking of jewels...half way through the first craft project I stepped in the bead bucket. Which I set on the floor. And they spilled. All of them. Wow! the kids say as they rush to help me pick them up while at the same time spreading them into an even bigger mess :) relax I tell my self. They are helping. I wonder what tonight holds...