Sunday, July 24, 2011

37 Birthdays

In honor of my 37th birthday today I am posting 37 great memories :)
  1. The day I was baptized
  2. The day I met Charlie
  3. The day I became a big sister
  4. The day I got married
  5. The birth of my children
  6. Attending the births of my friends children :)
  7. Deciding to homeschool
  8. Moving to Japan
  9. Koza Baptist Church
  10. Deployment reunions
  11. Coffee with my 29 girls
  12. Crazy Starbucks nights in Okinawa
  13. Tuesday nights with Melissa :)
  14. Thursday morning Bible Study with Women By Grace
  15. Buying our first home
  16. Monday night Bible Study
  17. Anniversary trip to San Francisco
  18. Disneyland Trip
  19. Meeting our friends Chuck and Marilyn and the lake....and Texas....
  20. Too many great friends to count
  21. Savannah's baptism
  22. McKenna's baptism
  23. When each of my children learned to read
  24. Snorkeling for the first time
  25. Spending the night with my grandma Jessie when I was a little girl
  26. Vacation to Virginia
  27. Scrapbook Convention in Las Vegas
  28. Women of Faith in Sacramento
  29. Leading a friend to Christ
  30. Seeing old friends after years apart
  31. Honeymoon in the Smokies
  32. Cruise to the Bahamas
  33. Koza deacon wives scavenger hunt
  34. Our surprise dinner at Yoshi's with the Clarks and the Bensons
  35. Hawaii
  36. Disneyworld
  37. Camping with our friends in Joshua Tree National Park

God has given me so many memories in so many places with such great friends! I can't wait to see whats in store for the next year!

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